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If you want, it's easy to quit

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Dr. Enrique Fernandéz San José

If you want, it's Easy to Quit

After quitting many people for more than 35 years of experience, including my own, quitting smoking is summarized in one single decision: Do I want or don't I want to stop smoking?

Dejar de fumar

How it works?

In a single session of 1 hour. Based on frequencies to eliminate nicotine information. There is no withdrawal syndrome.
Performed by a specialized nurse trained under my supervision and direction.

It can be done with any treatment or physical or mental situation you have, except in pregnancy.

It is the only thing you should put. The desire to be without smoking.
No need for willpower, because the body will not ask for tobacco.

Towards the year 1992 I began to do the treatment. It started with an executive friend who wanted to quit smoking. He did it and this friend sent another friend. 24 years later you may come. During these years, anti-smoking treatment has been carried out continuously to patients from all over Spain and abroad. The success is by word of mouth. If it works, it will recommend us.

What should you know?

It is not necessary to have willpower. It is imperative to want / want not to stop smoking. There is a big difference between wanting and having to stop smoking. Many people have to stop smoking by prescription.

However, if the obligation to quit smoking adds the desire to stop smoking this last, considerably enhances the success of the treatment.

You have to drink liquids abundantly after doing the treatment.

It is recommended not to drink alcohol for 3 or 4 days.

In the years I've been doing anti-smoking treatment, I've never modified the habits of patients. They can follow drinking coffee, going out at night, or any other activity they did when they smoked. Approximately in the 4-7 days of the treatment the habits go away and even the majority of the patients do not even remember the tobacco. Even if they see others smoking, they do not like it.

In just one hour

The treatment to stop smoking is simple, with one hour is enough and you will be free of your tobacco addiction without having to put willpower. Only the desire and wanting to leave it is imperative. There are many therapies to stop smoking.
I can only offer you the experience of years of being doing this treatment, and a result of quitting smoking 95% success. 5% need the additional help of homeopathic medicine.
Many people are worried about getting fat when quitting. There is no correlation between quitting smoking and fattening. What does happen is that if there is a basic anxiety that calms down with tobacco, when you remove the habit of smoking if you continue with anxiety, you will have a tendency to substitute tobacco for food to continue calming it. Homeopathic medicine helps a lot in these cases, so the fear of getting fat should not prevent you from doing your anti-smoking treatment.


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Treatment in Bilbao

There are two options for patients in the northern area of Spain:

  1. With enough advance notice, you can take a round trip on the day taking advantage of flying companies offers.
    We can provide taxi service from the Malaga airport to the La Herradura consultation, make the treatment and return to the airport for your return trip.
  2. Give us your name and phone number. Once there is a sufficient number of people, we have a week of treatment in Bilbao , which is notified well in advance.
    Registration number: 629 43 41 82

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Next week of Treatment in Bilbao: from Monday, April 22 to Thursday, April 25 , 2024

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